Hi! Thanks for checking out Bakeshop Californica.

We are just a couple of californians who set out to make food inspired by our home state and family histories. We focus on simple, well-made baked goods, condiments and meals that feature seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques.

Aaron has a background in experimental physics but fell in love with baking bread in 2009 and has been baking ever since. Alexa grew up in the food industry and has worked in farms and kitchens cooking, taking photos and writing. We have lived all over the United States and brought back a few ideas with us but we're happy to call California home.

We have a Community Supported Bakery program where folks can join as members and enjoy neighborhood pick ups of their favorite baked goods. Click here for more info.

So, what the heck does californica mean?

Californica is a species name used for many plants and animals found here in California. Some of our favorites are the California Quail, Callipepla californica and the California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica. We set out to make food that, like us, was inspired by our home state's cultures and climate.

California has a complicated history full of diversity, adversity and perseverance. We personally trace parts of our families in California many generations back and also are decedents of much more recent arrivals from other parts of the US and the world. The food we make is just as culturally confused as we are.

The golden state is world renowned for the quality and quantity the food produced by its farms and ranches. The result is access for some to amazing ingredients but also a lot of inequality and negative environmental impacts. We do our best to source responsibly  and support farmers who give back to the ground they grow on.