Part of the reason we're excited about the CSB model is that we can make things people want. It can be hard to take risks on new things in retail when you don't know if there is demand for it. Building a community of members allows us to get feedback and make delicious things y'all want!

Here's what we're working on:

English Scones - We make a very american style scone that is big, sloppy and with lots flavor. We're excited to try some more classically british scones preferred by one of our long time customers, which are much more delicate and lightly flavored with small bits of drietd fruit or nuts. They are more delicate than their american cousins, perfect for topping with jam and clotted cream.

Snickerdoodles - Hands down Aaron's favorite cookie and one he's perfected over the years. Look for this treat coming soon!

New grains! - We're working on some fun stuff with grains like buckwheat and rye. Totally different flavors and textures - it really opens up the possibilities. Look forward to some new cookies and breads coming your way!

SPRING! - Spring is coming and we're already looking forward to new crops showing up from local farms. We're thinking about carrot cakes, the return of berry scones and some savory veggie hand pies.

So stay tuned to our newsletter and instagram and let us know what you think!


Alexandra Senter