CSB Menu: April 18, 2018

Hello There,

Spring is for planting and we are super excited about our new berry patch.  We planted three varieties babbaberries, olallieberries, and boysenberries. Now comes the hard part... waiting for them to actually produce fruit!

In other news, we have a new scone flavor this week and we're working on some new delicious products to share. We're also working on some pop up events this summer so if you have any ideas for events we should look into let us know!

And don't forget : EARTH DAY NEXT WEEKEND!
We miss seeing y'all and hanging out under our big black tent so we are super pumped to be participating in Sustainable Lafayette's Earth Day Celebration on April 22!  We're going to be baking up some goodies to share so come on down and grab a snack and celebrate our lovely planet.

Have a good weekend!
A & A

Next Week's Scones:
Apricot Almond

Lemon Poppyseeed Scones.jpg

A while back we asked if anyone had scone flavor requests, and this combo was dreamed up by one of our regulars. Tart and sweet dried apricots combine with slivered almonds for a delicious springtime treat. Did you know that almonds and apricots are related so this combo was meant to be! Next time you eat an apricot crack open the pit and you'll find a seed that looks a lot like an almond!

Add to your subscription: 3 for $7.50 or 6 for $15

Next Week's Treat:
Cinnamon Concha


Back by popular demand! Concha means seashell in Spanish and is why the pattern on top of these fluffy sweet rolls looks like a seashell. Our cinnamon conchas go great with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. If you are feeling extra fancy you can cut one in half and add a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream for a decadent dessert!

Add to your subscription: 3 for $6.00 or 6 for $12.00

Sandwich Loaf


Haven't tried our bread yet? Need more than one loaf 'til your next delivery? Now's your chance! Perfect for a sandwich, toast, or a toad in the hole. Our bread is made with sourdough starter and fermented for over 24 hours resulting in a flavorful and digestible bread. We have a limited capacity so all bread is on a first come first serve basis.

Add to your subscription: 1 Loaf for $6


Sourdough Bagels

Bagels close Up SQ.jpg

Our Bagels combine our favorite bagel characteristics. We start with a long fermented sourdough for flavor and texture then boil our bagels in honey water for a hint of sweetness. The result is chewy, delicious and digestible.  Flavors include plain, sesame, poppy, everything, rosemary/sea salt, and cinnamon/raisin. Slice & Freeze for long-term storage. They also make REALLY good pizza bagels

Add On to your subscription:
6 for $9 or a Baker's Dozen (13)  for $18


We work in a shared commercial kitchen space that processes peanuts, tree nuts, meat, dairy, and soy. We do everything in our power to prevent cross-contamination. 

This Week:
Our Bread and Bagels contain wheat.
Our Scones contain wheat, dairy and tree nuts.
Our Cinnamon Conchas contain wheat, egg, and dairy.

All new subscriptions and add-on orders must be received by Sunday at 8pm.

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