CSB Menu: May 2, 2018

Hi y'all!

Hope you are soaking up this beautiful weather. Our berries are starting to bloom and we're getting excited for summer fruit!

Spring is officially here and that can only mean one thing, the moment you all have been waiting for is here,  STRAWBERRY SCONES ARE BACK. We couldn't ever make enough of them at the farmers market and we totally get it. Strawberries and cream belong together. Order add-ons and enjoy these special treats.

CSB software update:  we signed on the dotted line for some new software to help make the CSB easier for you and us! Automatic payment processing, customizeable boxes, online account management - the works! We will work hard to get it up and running ASAP! Thank you for your patience. :)

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Scones of the Week:

Strawberry Scones are the best. Last summer there were days at the farmers market when our delicious little peach and plum scones got no attention because the strawberry scones stole the show...but we get it. Strawberry scones are basically strawberry shortcake in one easy to eat package. Enjoy!

Add to your subscription: 3 for $7.50 or 6 for $15


Treat of the Week:
Nectarine Kolache

We like to consider jam as our pantry's little time capsule. Any time we are in seasonal transition fruit limbo it is great to visit last year's favorites. Our lovely little Kolaches are a traditional Czech pastry that, this week, will feature our handmade nectarine jam. Enjoy these with a cup of coffee in the morning or as a sweet treat after dinner.
Add to your subscription: 3 for $7.50 or 12 for $15.


Sandwich Loaf

Haven't tried our bread yet? Need more than one loaf 'til your next delivery? Now's your chance! Perfect for a sandwich, toast, or a toad in the hole. Our bread is made with sourdough starter and fermented for over 24 hours resulting in a flavorful and digestible bread. We have a limited capacity so all bread is on a first come first serve basis.

Add to your subscription: 1 Loaf for $6


Bagels close Up SQ.jpg

Sourdough Bagels

Our Bagels combine our favorite bagel characteristics. We start with a long fermented sourdough for flavor and texture then boil our bagels in honey water for a hint of sweetness. The result is chewy, delicious and digestible.  Flavors include plain, sesame, poppy, everything, rosemary/sea salt, and cinnamon/raisin. Slice & Freeze for long-term storage. They also make REALLY good pizza bagels

Add On to your subscription:
6 for $9 or a Baker's Dozen (13)  for $18



We work in a shared commercial kitchen space that processes peanuts, tree nuts, meat, dairy, and soy. We do everything in our power to prevent cross-contamination. 

This Week:
Our Bread and Bagels contain wheat.
Our Scones contain wheat, dairy and strawberries
Our Nectarine Kolache contain dairy, eggs and wheat.

All new subscriptions and add-on orders must be received by Sunday at 8pm.

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