CSB Menu: April 25, 2018

Hi there!

Hope to see you all at the Lafayette Earth Day festival THIS SUNDAY from 11-2 in downtown Lafayette. We'll have our big ol' black tent set up and some treats to share. We're going to have some VERY yummy treats to share with you. Come enjoy a beautiful Earth Day (the forecast is for the upper 70s) and celebrate taking care of our little blue marble.

Without further ado, see this week's line up below!

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Next Week's Scones:


Late winter makes us feel a little desperate. Summer fruit is just around the corner (our berry patch is blooming) but we're totaly over winter fruit. But then the tangerine arrives. They are so bright and delicious, after so many oranges! So here we are, just around the corner from berries and fruit, enjoying winter's last little nugget of sunshine.

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Next Week's Treat:

We don't have a snickerdoodle glamour shot yet so enjoy this wild flower picture Alexa took last weekend at Table Mountain near Chico.

We don't have a snickerdoodle glamour shot yet so enjoy this wild flower picture Alexa took last weekend at Table Mountain near Chico.

If you haven't figured it out by now... Aaron loves cinnamon. (Rightfully so!) So it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of his favorite cookies is the snickerdoodle. These chewy cookies are rolled in cinnamon sugar before they are baked resulting in a delicious treat.

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Sandwich Loaf


Haven't tried our bread yet? Need more than one loaf 'til your next delivery? Now's your chance! Perfect for a sandwich, toast, or a toad in the hole. Our bread is made with sourdough starter and fermented for over 24 hours resulting in a flavorful and digestible bread. We have a limited capacity so all bread is on a first come first serve basis.

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Sourdough Bagels

Bagels close Up SQ.jpg

Our Bagels combine our favorite bagel characteristics. We start with a long fermented sourdough for flavor and texture then boil our bagels in honey water for a hint of sweetness. The result is chewy, delicious and digestible.  Flavors include plain, sesame, poppy, everything, rosemary/sea salt, and cinnamon/raisin. Slice & Freeze for long-term storage. They also make REALLY good pizza bagels

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We work in a shared commercial kitchen space that processes peanuts, tree nuts, meat, dairy, and soy. We do everything in our power to prevent cross-contamination. 

This Week:
Our Bread and Bagels contain wheat.
Our Scones contain wheat and dairy.
Our Snickerdoodles contain wheat, egg, and dairy.

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