CSB Menu for May 9, 2018

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Want to pick up a delivery next Wednesday, May 9th in Lafayette, Orinda, Martinez or Pinole?  All new subscriptions and add-on orders must be received by Sunday at 8pm.

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Scones of the Week:

RHUBARB! Spring surely is here with all these fun new crops coming in. Rhubarb is that tangy red cousin of celery that regularly pairs up with Strawberries and was literally known as "Pie Plant" back in the day (thank you Little House on the Prarie for that fun fact). This week we're going to put it in our lovely cream scones and bask in the glory of SPRING!

Add to your subscription: 3 for $7.50 or 6 for $15


Treat of the Week: Pretzels

Can't go wrong with big chewy pretzels. We're big fans of popping one of these in the toaster and dipping it into our favorite spicy mustard. Buy extras and freeze for next time you cook up some brats!

Add to your subscription: 3 for $6 or 6 for $12.


Sandwich Loaf

Haven't tried our bread yet? Need more than one loaf 'til your next delivery? Now's your chance! Perfect for a sandwich, toast, or a toad in the hole. Our bread is made with sourdough starter and fermented for over 24 hours resulting in a flavorful and digestible bread. We have a limited capacity so all bread is on a first come first serve basis.

Add to your subscription: 1 Loaf for $6


Bagels close Up SQ.jpg

Sourdough Bagels

Our Bagels combine our favorite bagel characteristics. We start with a long fermented sourdough for flavor and texture, then boil our bagels in honey water for a hint of sweetness. The result is chewy, delicious and digestible.  Flavors include plain, sesame, poppy, everything, rosemary/sea salt, and cinnamon/raisin. Slice & Freeze for long-term storage. They also make REALLY good pizza bagels

Add On to your subscription: 6 for $9 or a Baker's Dozen (13)  for $18


We work in a shared commercial kitchen space that processes peanuts, tree nuts, meat, dairy, and soy. We do everything in our power to prevent cross-contamination. 

This Week:
Our Bread and Bagels contain wheat.
Our Scones contain wheat, dairy and strawberries
Our pretzels contain wheat and dairy.