CSB Menu: 4th of July Menu

We're very excited to be offering some special new items for 4th of July at all of our pick up sites. We did a test run a few days ago with hamburgers, hotdogs and peaches (somebody had to do it!) and we can assure you your celebration will be delicious! 

Check out the menu below and head to the Bakeshop Webstore (open Thursday - Sunday) to order all the delectable baked goods for your 4th of July Celebration!

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Peach Pie

Nothing says July like Peach Pie! We top organic peaches with a delicious crumble top for a delightful summer treat. Perfect with ice cream or on its own. Some say it also makes a delicious breakfast, too....

8 inch pie


Burger Buns

Classic burger buns with a sprinkle of sesame seeds! Classic, fluffy and delicious. Comes in packs of 4.


Hot Dog Buns

These light and fluffy buns are perfect for hotdogs or your favorite sausage! Choose plain or with poppy seeds for a classic Chicago dog. Comes in packs of 4




Shortcake aka Drop Biscuits

Slice these beauts open and fill with fruit and whipped cream! The perfect dessert for 4th of July or with jam for breakfast the next day.


Strawberry Scones

There is a reason these are our most popular biscuit. Strawberries and Cream just belong together! You just don't mess with a good thing.


Sourdough Bagels

Breakfast lunch or dinner bagels are king. Top with an egg, sliced deli meat or your favorite pizza toppings. The possibilities are endless!

Bagels close Up.jpg

Sandwich Loaf

Summer is a time of hikes and late breakfasts. Our Sourdough Sandwich Loaf is always ready for an adventure or a late weekend brunch.