Community Supported Bakery

Large Share with Bagel, Sandwich Loaf and Treats.

Large Share with Bagel, Sandwich Loaf and Treats.

Set up a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) account to order fresh baked goods and preserves for pick up right in your neighborhood.

The idea comes from farm Community Supported Agriculture  programs which offer farm "membership" to their community and members receive a "share" of their harvests delivered to neighborhood pick up sites at homes, businesses or churches. CSAs and CSBs help producers plan out production and develop a direct relationship with folks, minimizing overhead and waste.

Once you have your account set up you will be able to order fresh baked goods every week from our webstore Thursday - Sunday for pick up on Wednesday. We offer sourdough bagels and bread each week with a rotating menu of scones, cookies, pastries and savory snacks. Becoming a member is wonderful way to get the freshest baked goods delivered each week and know that they've been made with lots of care.


To start getting deliveries simply visit the Join section of our website to sign up. Once you select your pick up site, pick up frequency, provide contact and enter payment information you will be ready to make your first order! The webstore is open Thursday - Sunday at 8pm.

Pick up sites are at local homes, businesses and churches that have offered to act as hosts. Many host multiple community supported businesses like Frog Hollow Farm, Riverdog Farm and Real Good Fish so you can get some great food, straight from the source. We currently deliver to Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek and Martinez. If you don't live near one of those sites please consider hosting a pick up at your home or business!  Site hosts get to try new products first as part of our R & D team and enjoy a discount on their share.

What We Make

We send out a weekly newsletter with our menu.

  • Sourdough Bagels (every week)- We ferment our bagel dough for over 24 hours so it makes for great flavor, chewy texture and, from our experience, is easier to digest than most. Customers swear by slicing and freezing them to toast as needed. Pro tip: they make awesome pizza bagels! Pick your favorite bagel flavors including our very popular Rosemary Sea Salt Bagel,

  • Bread (every week) - Sandwich bread is a staple in many homes and we like to think of our loves as the swiss army knives of bread. Wonderful with eggs or jam in the morning and perfect for sandwiches and delicious as croutons in your favorite salad!

  • Cream Scones (every week)- Our seasonal scone flavors change to feature the best produce of the season.

  • Savory & Sweet Treats - We rotate favorite pastries and baked goods. We love to feature local produce both seasonally and via preserves. Favorites in regular rotation include conchas, kolache, hand pies, focaccia, soft pretzels, shortbread, brownies & more.

  • Preserves & Pickles - We love good produce! We believe that a peach always taste best in August and tangerines are the antidote to rainy winter days. That being said peach jam tastes pretty damn good on one of those rainy days, too. That’s why we preserve. Pickles, jellies, marmalades and hot sauce to remind us it’ll be back soon.

Why a CSB?

In a typical retail setting there is a fair amount of guess work involved in deciding how much product to make each day. This results in a lot of food waste at the end of the day which in turn means higher prices to cover all the food that wasn't sold. By becoming a member you help us plan our production needs in advance and help us grow in a sustainable way. You are helping us reduce food waste and in turn we can deliver a high quality product at a lower cost, right to your neighborhood. We have lived in 4  states in the last decade and have enjoyed CSAs in every one. We hope that by using seasonal produce from awesome local farms we will be able to support the farms we love and provide you with dynamic goodies to share with your friends and family.