Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody can join the CSB to pick up fresh baked goods from neighborhood pick up sites. Members join through our website by selecting a neighborhood pick up site, payment plan, payment method and providing contact info. Then you may customize your first order by Sunday night and patiently wait until Wednesday afternoon to pick up your first order at your friendly neighborhood pick up site. You will receive a welcome email and a delivery reminder email with details about your pick up and you can always contact us with questions.

Our webstore is open from Thursday until Sunday at 8pm for pick up the following Wednesday. We send out a newsletter on Thursdays with the week’s menu and any upcoming events or specials. Some holiday delivery changes do occur and members will be given notice ahead of time.

We have instructions on setting up a recurring order so you can get the same sourdough bagels and bread each week and then add on whatever else strikes your fancy from the menu each week as needed. You can change your recurring orders as needed (switch up flavors, quantity, products etc).

How does Bakeshop's CSB work?

Where do you deliver?

While we don't do home delivery we currently we have pick up locations in Lafayette, Orinda, Pinole, Walnut Creek and Martinez. Members are able to go to their pick up site any time between 12-8pm the day of their delivery and most site hosts offer a 24 hour grace period. Many of our sites host other awesome Community Supported programs so that members can pick up other great food from Frog Hollow Farm, Riverdog Farm, Real Good Fish, Terra Firma Farm and more!

Don't see a pick up site in your neighborhood? Consider becoming a Pick Up Site Host at your home or work. Site Hosts enjoy direct delivery, a discount on their subscription and sneak previews of new products! Contact us for more info.

I don't live by any of your pick-up sites! What can I do?

Please consider starting your own pick-up site at your home, school or place of work! Site hosts receive a discount and get their share delivered right to their door. Our site hosts are also part of our Research & Development Team and get to try new products first! We are currently looking for site hosts in Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland, Pinole, Piedmont, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Rockridge, Temescal, Walnut Creek, and Moraga.

If you are interested please email us at

Do you do farmers markets or events?

While we are not currently attending any farmers markets we do announce events via our blog, newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram. We are also available for catering for breakfasts, brunches, lunches and cocktail parties around the bay area. Contact us for more information.


How should I store my baked goods?

 Bread Storage

Bread longevity is all about moisture management. The process of baking dries out a wet dough crust first which means that after it comes out of the oven there is more moisture in the middle than the outside. As it cools moisture escapes through the crust and then crisps up again. You might find that when you get your bread home the crust is soft from being in the bag with all that moisture. Simply let it rest on your counter top (cut side always down) until the crust has dried out some and then put it in a sealed bag or container like this. We have found we can keep a loaf and a few bagels in this bread container easily. From our experience storing in bread boxes that are not transparent or in closed cupboards encourages mold to grow so keep your clear container on the counter, if you can.

Properly stored bread will last a week. (If you don't eat it first!)

Bagel Storage

For consumption in a day or two after delivery we recommend a plastic bag. If you want to store them for longer we recommend slicing them and freezing them when they arrive. Simply pull what you want from the freezer and pop them in the toaster. Some swear by microwaving first. Let us know what works for you!

If you keep your bagels in a plastic bag for awhile you will notice that the salt on the rosemary/sea salt and everything bagels melts. Unfortunately this is an inevitable occurrence as the moisture in the bagels and the air interacts with the salt on the surface. Luckily the bagels don't loose any of their deliciousness when this occurs.

Treat Storage

Scones and hand pies freeze very well in a sealed container. We recommend thawing them and reheating in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

For other treats you can leave them in a sealed container on the counter for a few days or store in the fridge after that.


I have a food allergy. What are your policies with gluten/nuts/dairy/eggs etc?

We bake in a shared commercial kitchen that uses wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy. Most of our products contain wheat, unless otherwise noted. We hope to offer more Wheat Free products in the future. Our bagels and bread are long fermented which, for many people, makes them easier to digest.

Where can I learn more about CSB policies?

Help! I am having trouble signing up, customizing my order or setting up a recurring orders.


That's ok! Click the link below to learn more about setting up your account, customizing your order and setting up recurring orders. You can always contact us with questions.

Click here for account set up instructions.


Go to your online account here and click the tab that says Delivery Hold and then select the dates you would like to hold your delivery. To put your account on permanent hold you must contact us via email before 8pm on Sunday night at Any changes recieved after that time will be applied to the following delivery.

How do I put my order on hold?

Members pay through their online account either by ACH bank transfer (preferred), Credit/Debit Card (Paypal), or Check. Members who prefer to pay by check must contact us at to make arrangements.

How do I pay for my subscription?

How do I sign up for the CSB program?