Fresh baked goods and seasonal specialities available through our CSB Program, Special Orders or Catering

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Our Bagels combine our favorite bagel characteristics. We start with a long fermented sourdough for flavor  and texture then boil our bagels in honey water like Montreal style bagels. The result is chewy, delicious and digestible.  Flavors include: plain, sesame, poppy, everything, rosemary/sea salt, and cinnamon/raisin. Slice & Freeze.

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High hydration and long fermentation make for a wonderfully flavorful bread with a satisfying texture.  Perfect for sandwiches and toast in the morning - a family favorite! We bake these loaves in "pullman pans" which look like a good ol fashioned train car. Each loaf has about 12 slices and can be stored in the freezer.

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Made with local fruit the flavors change with the season so you always have something lovely for breakfast and to go with your favorite coffee or tea. Our scones are moist and delicious.


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Kolache are a Czech pastry that is made up of a sweet roll with a dab of jam or poppy seed filling topped with crumble. Perfect in the morning or as a light dessert. They are a part of Aaron's family's heritage and were very common in Central Texas where we used to live.

Koh-Lah-Chee?  Koh-la-Ch-Kee? Koh-Lah-Chay?

No matter how you pronounce it, they are delicious.

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Conchas (meaning seashell in spanish) are Pan Dulce common throughout Mexico and the US in Panadaerias. Their soft enriched dough is topped with a crunchy flavored topping scored before baking to look like a sea shell. Flavors inlcude Cinnamon, Chocolate and Raspberry.



Our treats aren't all sweet! We make big, soft chewy Bavarian style pretzels. They get their deep red color from being dipped in lye prior to baking. Perfect toasted up with a little butter or spicy mustard!

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Gotta love a good brownie! Chocolate chips and cocoa.  You just can't go wrong. Pro-tip: plays very well with vanilla ice cream...

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While this page covers our current CSB offerings - we do lots more! Bavarian Pretzels, Seasonal Pies, Rye Bread and more... stay tuned.


Short Bread Cookies

Shortbread is great because it is simple: flour, butter and sugar.

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