How It Works: Bakeshop Californica's
Community Supported Bakery Program

 All order changes must be made via online member account or email  by Sunday night at 8pm for Wednesday delivery. Any changes or new memberships made after this time will be applied to the following week's deliveries.

Step 1Click here to join. Set up your account by selecting a pick up site, providing contact info & setting up secure payment method.

Step 2: Create your first order and set up your recurring order. You can customize a unique order every week, set up a recurring order of the same products or do a little bit of both! Our system is set up to be flexible.

Step 3: Pick up your fresh goodies and enjoy! You will receive reminder emails about your delivery with info about your pick up site. You can also login to your account at anytime to review your subscription or make changes.

Create Your Account

Click here to join and choose:

  1. Neighborhood Pick Up Site - Sites are generally at homes, businesses or community centers around the east bay area. You will be given specific pick up site details once you join.

  2. Delivery Frequency - order every week or every once in a while!

  3. Terms - You can pay for every delivery individually or pay for some in advance and receive credit on your account.

  4. Contact Info - so we can send you a delivery reminder etc

  5. Payment Method - debit/credit via paypal, E-Check through your bank or paper check via US Mail

  6. Read Policies.

By joining you will create an online account where you can manage all of this information and your orders.

Make your First Order

Once you have set up your account you can customize your first order with your favorite products and flavors.

  1. Go to the webstore and select items and flavors you would like to receive for your first delivery. Example: 1 Loaf of bread, 2 Everything Bagels, 2 Rosemary/Sea Salt Bagels, 2 Sesame Bagels, 1 Cheese Pretzel and 1 Brownie.

  2. Once you have your order ready click Cart in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Click set up recurring order to create a recurring order with your favorite standard items. Or you can create a unique order every week. The store is open Thursday through Sunday at 8pm.

  4. Check out. You can always adjust products, flavors and quantities at any time but changes must be received by Sunday at 8pm for the following Wednesday's pick up. Remember to click check out to complete your transaction.


Setup Your Recurring Order

Recurring orders allow you to enjoy the same bagels and bread each week and then add on whatever else strikes your fancy from the menu each week as needed. You can change your recurring orders as needed (switch up flavors, quantity, products etc). If you have a Recurring Order already set up those items will be in your cart every delivery you are scheduled for. If you don't have anything in your cart by Sunday at 8pm you will not have an order to pick up.

  1. Customize your order in the store. Select the items you want to try from that week's menu. You can always add more or remove them from your order as needed.

  2. Go to your cart and click the grey text that says "Update Recurring" under the cart button.

  3. Select a delivery frequency that best fits your needs for  each product(just once, weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and click "Back to Order" when you are done. Please note that only bread and will be available every week. Other menu items rotate weekly so you will have to add them on as needed.

  4. Check out. This will create your customized order for next week and set your preferences for recurring orders going forward.

Already have a Farmigo Account?

When you get to the Contact Info step of the sign-up process and click "Create an account with Email," if you have already created an account with another company (Riverdog Farm, Real Good Fish etc) that uses Farmigo you will see the message "Member with this email already exists." In this case, you should select the “Login” tab instead. You can then enter your email address and password. If you do not remember your password, you can click "Forgot Password," and Farmigo will email you instructions on how to reset your password.

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