CSB Policies

++ You must read and accept the following to become a member ++

Bakeshop Californica offers a weekly neighborhood delivery service in the East Bay Area.  We bake in a shared commercial kitchen in Pinole and currently have pick up sites in Contra Costa County. In order for members to gain the most from their Community Supported Bakery (CSB) experience, we ask that they please read the following  carefully as it outlines the policies that keep our CSB working smoothly for everyone.


Individuals and businesses can become members of Bakeshop Californica's CSB program by committing to a subscription of baked goods and products at a frequency and pick up location of their choosing. By signing up a member will create an online account where they can manage their subscription details.

Subscriptions can be customized via the online store. All changes (add ons, holds or cancellations) must be made online or via email (bakeshopca@gmail.com) by Sunday at 8pm for the following Wednesday's delivery. Sign ups, order changes and email requests received after Sunday at 8pm will be applied to the following delivery.


CSB members can shop in our webstore and will be charged automatically on their delivery day according to their payment method choice.


Bakeshop Californica allows members to payment method and frequency  with online software called Farmigo.

Payment Methods
Members may pay with Credit or Debit card via Paypal, Electronic Check (preferred but please note it takes up to 5 days to process), or via check (please contact us directly to arrange).

Pay Weekly
Members pay for their order weekly via their selected payment method, simple as that. All orders will be charged on the day of delivery. If your payment method fails your order will be put on hold and you will not recieve a delivery until we have recieived payment.


Order Frequency

All shares are available on a weekly, every other week or monthly basis. Members may order add-ons when they are not scheduled for their subscription but must contact us directly via email at bakeshopca@gmail.com to make arrangements. Members may change their delivery schedule at any time but all changes must be made by 8pm Sunday night for the following Wednesday’s delivery.


Pick Up

Upon joining members will receive an email with all details pertaining to their first pick up including pick up site details and their order.  Members can also find information about their pick up site at any time under the Pick Up Directions tab on the member dashboard.

Members must ALWAYS sign out for their order on the clipboard. If your name is not on the sign out sheet do not take an order. Depending on the size of your order and any additional add ons, you might have multiple bags and/or boxes.  All will be labeled with your name.

If there are any problems with your order please contact bakeshopca@gmail.com. If there are missing items from your order or quality issues we will credit your account accordingly. Most of our sites offer a 24 hour pick up grace period but we will not be held responsible for orders that are not picked up on their delivery day. If you do not pick up your order after the 24 hour grace period your order will be donated or composted. There will be no refunds for orders not picked up.


Online Account Member

All members will have an online account where they can manage their subscription, add on orders, contact information and payment info. They can also find directions for their particular pick up site. Once a member joins they will receive a welcome email including instructions on how to customize their order.  Members may create a recurring order that will be the same every week or customize their order each week depending on the menu. Click here to login to your account.

All changes to your order must be made by Sunday at 8pm for delivery on the following Wednesday's delivery.


Vacation Holds & Cancellations

Members may place vacation holds any time via their online account. If you would like assistance placing a hold email us at bakeshopca@gmail.com. Please note: all holds must be placed via your online account or via email no later than 8pm Sunday night for the following week's delivery.

Members are not able to cancel their subscription online but must request to via email or by calling by 8pm Sunday night before the following Wednesday's delivery. Members who have prepaid credits on their account at time of cancellation cannot be reimbursed.